Gladly accepting donations

Because We Care Rescue is a non-profit that needs your help. Donations help us pay for food, medical care, and travel expenses for our wonderful animals looking for their forever home. As we are a 5013C non-profit, all contributions are tax deductable.



🏠What does adopting from us look like?💕

  1. We post any newly available dogs and puppies on our facebook page usually on Monday or Tuesday and they are (unless otherwise stated in the post) available to meet at the Are You My Human? Dog Lounge Bellingham the following Thursday thru Sunday.
  2. We accept applications as soon as the pups are posted as available thru Sunday(and after for any pups not adopted out).
  3. Potential adopters must meet puppies BEFORE their application is fully considered/approved. If you applied before your visit please reach out to us to let us know who you are most interested in after visiting the pups.
  4. We go through applications SUNDAY MORNING so for optimal potential to adopt the puppy you apply for please visit Thursday thru Saturday. We do our best to pick The Who for Who that seems the best fit for the dog/puppy and our applying families.
  5. We will reach out to potential adopters Sunday mornings/early afternoons. If you put in your application later on Sunday it may be the following week before you hear back from us.
  6. All puppies with adopters lined up are sent home at 5pm on Sundays. We can make other arrangements through the week but it is difficult as we are volunteers and we have jobs, families, life and rescue during the week💜

Attention Renters
You must have IN HAND an approval letter from your landlord that does NOT have breed/size restrictions that go against the puppy you are interested in or a copy of your lease with no breed/size limits(if applicable). Having this ready before applying will speed along the process😊 Renters must be 21 yrs or older to qualify for adoption. If you are applying with the intention to make the dog/puppy an ESA then you MUST already have your ESA letter from your Dr.

Once potential adopters have applied and met the puppies we do our best to choose the best fit for each of our available dogs/puppies. Please understand that just because you did not hear back from us or were not chosen for a specific puppy or litter does not mean your application was denied. We often get multiple applications for each puppy and can only do our best!

Our adoption fee for puppies under 1yr is $575 and the pups will either be spayed/neutered or have an appointment within 21 days of adoption with our vet to be dropped off and picked up by their adopter.

Our Adult dog adoption fees will vary $250-575 all will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

Follow the link below to apply if you are interested in adopting one of our available puppies!

Follow this link for more information on all of our available dogs/puppies! Once in the album just click the photo and read the caption for individual information.`